Balers Compactors, Vertical



Designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and components to deliver long life, superior reliability, optimal levels of safety and the lowest maintenance cost.


• Waste Handlers and Collectors
• Recycling Centers
• Distribution Centers
• Companies e Institutions
• Food Packaging Plants
• Botteling and Beverage Plants
• Hospitals and Care Centers
• Schools and Universities
• Grocery Stores
• Others

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V3016HD – Baler Compactor, Liquid Extractor


Combines draining and baling refuse beverage or liquid containers in one step.

  • The rigt baler for non-ferrous metals, cans and containers in residual liquid applications.
  • Help increase your recycling time of refuse containers over seven times faster than manually extracting the liquids.
  • Can make a single bale from up to 4000 aluminum beverage cans and up to 2000 plastic beverage bottles.
  • Includes a system to capture the liquid waste and divert it to an approved drain.
  • Nominal Bale Size: 30" x 16" x 24".
  • Bale Weight: Up to 250 lbs.

V32 – Vertical Baler, OCC and Plastic Film


The smallest baler for OCC and Plastic Film

  • Compact design and economical, yet dependable.
  • Space saving without sacrificing quality and durability.
  • Perfect when work space is limited.
  • Nominal Bale Size: 36” x 24” x 30”.
  • Bale Weigh: Up to 250 lbs.

V43DC – Drum Crusher


Designed to compress a 55-Gallon Drum
to 5” high.

  • Over 50,000 pounds of crushing force.
  • Reduces Storage Space up to 80%.
  • Eases Handling and lower Transportation Costs.
  • Can be converted into an inside-the-drum waste compactor for Oil Filters, Smaller Drums or Containers.
  • Drum Piercing: Punch a hole through the top or all the way through the bottom.

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