Fluorescent Lamp Compressor



What is the E-Lampinator® function?
The main function is to RECOVER all the mercury vapor contained within these lamps already worn or out of use. It avoids being brought to landfills or waste landfills that contributes with the pollution of our groundwater, lakes and rivers.

How does the E-Lampinator® work?
The E-Lampinator® compresses and crushes fluorescent lamps in very small pieces, which are accumulated within a standard metal drum of 55 gallons; at the same time the mercury vapor and other particles emitted from the lamps are immediately captured by the Vacuum unit that consists of two separated detachable modules, a multi-stage Filtering System, and the Activated Carbon Filtering System.

What type of lamps can the E-Lampinator® process?
The E-Lampinator® can process all those lamps that contain mercury, including Fluorescent tubes up to 12-foot long, CFLs (compact or energy-saver), circlines, and "U" shape.

Is the E-Lampinator® free of contamination?
The Lid of the E-Lampinator® is hermetically sealed over the drum. Results of studies and evidence of independent laboratories indicate that the operator, during the tests, do not experience exposure levels that are not under the standards of OSHA, NIOSH and ACGIH.

Is the E-Lampinator® easy to use and store?
Yes, the machine is easy to use and store, and it can even be operated under roof locations. The Operation and Maintenance Manual explains in detail all the procedures. To store the machine does not require special areas, but area should be ventilated or have access to ventilation.

How many lamps fill a drum?
Depends on the size and type. An average of 1,200 tubes of 4-foot long or 5,000 compact lamps or energy-savers. A drum can hold up to 425 lbs. of crushed lamps; including glass, phosphor powder, and other components such as plastic, metal and electronic.

Is the service or maintenance of the E-Lampinator® easy?
Very easy; but, it is very important to follow the service intervals. You will need to change the vacuum filters. The E-Lampinator® accepts only original spare parts. It is important to keep spare parts available all the time to avoid the interruption of the service.

How often do you need to change the filters or other components of the machine?
The Operation and Maintenance Manual details step-by-step through the procedures and service intervals for each component.

How many lamps does it take to saturate the activated carbon filter?
Depends on the type of bulbs. An approximately 110,000 tubes of 4-foot long, or 500,000 compact or energy-savers. Replacement is recommended after 100 drums of crushed lamps.

What should be done with all the residues in the drum and saturated filters?
Each country has its rules and regulations on the disposal of industrial and hazardous waste. Check with your local or state authorities.

Is the E-Lampinator® available in other voltages and cycles?
Standard: 110v, 60c. Available on 220v, 50/60c (at additional cost)
Plugs: Available according to the country of destination.

Is the E-Lampinator® the only lamp crusher in the market?
No, but it is the safest, the most efficient, the best built, and the most economic in the long run. Factory Warranty of 12 months.